The Joys of Oral Sex: What 28 Sex Positive People Think of Oral Sex

What do you think of oral sex? I asked thousands of sex positive people on social media what they think of oral sex.

Here are some of the answers people shared openly.

1. Magical

Beautiful, Magically delicious I could go on.

– John

2. Mind-blowing or crappy

Mind blowing when done right. Crappy when someone isn’t present.

– Catherine

3. Delicious


– Mark

4. God’s gift

Gods gift to humanity.

– Ian

5. Requires practice

Joyful to give.  delightful to receive. Requires practice.

– J.C.

6. Tasty


– U.S.

7. Mandatory

Always mandatory.

– Jeff

8. Saying “hello”

Erotic and sensual, and a great way to say “hello.”

– Dan

9. Challenging


– Liza

10. Awesome


– Rick

11. Euphoric


– Robert


12. Hot

Just as hot giving as receiving.

– Paul

13. Delightful

Tasty and delightful to give. I love giving.

– Joseph

14. Great


– Chris

15. Good


– Kelly

16. Wet!


– Betsy

17. Intimate


– L.E.

18. Good with a shower

Best just after a shower.

– Josephine


19. Cool


– F.O.

20. Intentional

A practice of sublime surrender and succulent receiving, and a beautiful way to give love with your face, hands, and intention. <3

– Jessica

21. Sexy

Looks, tastes, smells and feels so sexy

– David

22. Ecstatic

Sublime ecstasy!

– N.J.

23. A treat

Sexy, tasty treat to give. Ecstasy to receive.

– Graham

24. Heart-pounding


– Mario

25. Showing love

The best way in bed to show you love.

– R.K.

26. I love giving

Delicious. I think I love giving more than receiving.

– Jonathan

27. I like receiving

I like receiving it not necessarily giving it.

– A.W.

28. The joy of squirming and slobbering

“I love to surrender into the joy of squirming and slobbering.”

– David

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What do you think? Share your own opinion about oral sex in the comments below.

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  1. Rohn, That’s great your enjoyment in giving can match up with your guy’s enjoyment of receiving.

    Sharon, good points about the expectation to receive without openness to reciprocate. That sounds like a wonderful birthday gift, indeed.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. I don’t mind giving oral sex, but it’s better when it is given back in return as well. I get tired where the man always think it’s about their needs only and not about mine……..And with that said, the best birthday present I was ever given in my early twenties, was from the guy I was in a relationship with, was oral sex.He just wanted to please me, nothing else.He didn’t expect anything back in return, there was no intercourse. it was the best birthday present I have ever received hands down. And I think one of the best orgasms I ever had.

  3. It’s a great way to please my guy. He loves it so I do it often for him … and it gives me so much pleasure also.