Resolving Unexpected Pain After Prostate Play and Anal Sex

Here’s a question someone asked about unexpected pain after anal sex and prostate play.

“I’m a 33-year-old male who is new at anal sex, but have been experimenting for a while. Recently I have been getting more comfortable with toys penetrating anally and trying to get the prostate pleasure that is so hard to accomplish for me and many others.

I’ve noticed after some of my sessions that I have a sore or bruised pain in my lower left abdomen area that will go away over time and I’ve been just brushing it off as possibly being backed up or constipated.

Recently I bought a bulb rectum cleaner and used it the other night. Since then I’ve had the pain again but much more of it.

I wonder if using the bulb, I squeezed some air into my ass if it would cause gas pains and feeling like I’m backed up. The pain has subsided a little since when it started, and I got some relief after passing gas and having a bowel movement

Are there any techniques to avoid this in the future? Are there any remedies to relieve the pain faster after words?

I don’t have any other known health issues other than being a bit over weight.

Anal erotic play, anal sex and prostate stimulation should not result in any pain. If there is pain, this means something went wrong. This needs to be understood so it can be prevented.

I’m not a doctor but here are some things to consider if you experience pain related to prostate play or anal sex.

The fact that the sore, bruised feeling in your lower left abdomen occurs after a prostate play session and that it goes away soon after, suggests that you were too rough during the play session. Another possibility is that the anal insertion of a toy and prostate stimulation triggered another existing, unrelated problem.

You mentioned the pain started after the play session was complete.  It’s possible that your body was giving you pain signals sooner, but you didn’t notice them due to being in a state of sexual arousal and placing your attention on that.

The rectum and anal canal is one of the most delicate parts of the body that we can touched. It needs to be treated gently.

Keep in mind there is normally no sensation once inside the rectum (past the anal sphincter), except a feeling of pressure.  Due to this, internal pain is unlikely unless there’s something important going on which should be taken seriously. Pain is your body’s warning of danger or a problem.

Properly used an anal douche bulb (sometimes called an enema bulb) won’t cause such discomfort even if you push air in. If you push air in, at most you’d expel gas (fart) some within 30 minutes to 8 hours. To prevent problems when cleansing it’s best to never insert more than 1 cup of fluid (8 ounces or 500ml) at a time (or less depending on body size). Use less water and more rinses to cleanse rather than a larger volume of water.

If you tend to be constipated and think it’s from that, snack on broccoli throughout the day (or other insoluble fiber) until it’s resolved. Then adjust your regular diet to prevent it. Aside from being unpleasant, constipation is likely to greatly increase your chances of having hemorrhoids and anal fissures which can be painful and make anal pleasure and insertive prostate play difficult.

If you normally have a lot of gas, look to remove the causes from your diet (fried foods, fatty foods, possibly lactose intolerance, not enough soluble fiber, etc.) It’s also possible for wheat allergies and gluten sensitivity to show up first in the lower digestive tract. You doctor or a nutritionist can help you with this if simple diet changes aren’t enough.

If you ride a bicycle much, the pain might be due to pressure on the pudendal nerve that may have been aggravated (or referred) if you used too much pressure during prostate play. While this may be a less likely cause, it’s important for all men who ride bicycles to understand the importance of protecting their prostate and sexual health by using a no-nose bike seat.

It’s important to note if there is blood in your stool. While this could be from hemorrhoids it could be something more serious and should not be ignored. Your doctor will probably ask you about this.

Based on what you’ve described, this appears not to be pain in your prostate itself. This is a good time, however, to point out that men with an enlarged prostate (prostatitis) should consult a doctor to verify the growth is not malignant (not cancer) before engaging in prostate massage. Prostate massage can be helpful to relieve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate if the enlargement is not from cancer (BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia). However, rough stimulation of a healthy prostate or massage of a prostate enlarged by cancer can cause damage.

Internal pain in the lower abdomen and rectum could be from any number of other causes including irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, lactose intolerance, appendicitis, diverticulitis or other conditions.

Thus, if the pain is intense, lasts multiple days or if continues to re-occur it’s important to see a doctor. If the pain is intense, seek urgent care. If in doubt, see a doctor. You don’t have to tell the doctor about the anal play. The most important thing is to discuss the pain and symptoms.

Remember that with prostate stimulation and anal play should never be painful. For those people who enjoy the intense sensations of pain, there are only a few safe ways to create pain during anal play. In these rare cases, pain should never be accidental. Nor should it uncertain how the pain was created or how it could be stopped. For most people, however, this is not desirable. Pain can be avoided.

Pain from prostate play and anal sex should be avoided and addressed.  It’s important to not be rough when engaging in insertive anal play whether for prostate pleasure or otherwise.

Pain in the lower abdomen that results from or occurs with anal sex could be due to constipation or nerve compression or it can be something more serious.

As with other health conditions, if the pain is intense, lasts several days or re-occurs, take your health seriously and talk with a doctor.

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  1. Slow down and be very patient. My husband likes anal play. Even though we have been together for 16 years I still do not get into a hurry. In that period of time I have repeatedly told him it will take time to accomplish what you want to do. You must have the patience to achieve your goal, this type of thing does not come overnight. In some ways it is like weight. You did not pack on a few pounds overnight, therefore you are not going to lose those pounds overnight.