hands-candle-isDo you long to experience deeply meaningful emotional connection and healthy, fun, creative, satisfying sex?

It’s available to you – and you deserve it.

We live in a society that, unfortunately, is conflicted and often condemns healthy intimacy and sexual expression, especially if it’s expressed in a nontraditional, alternative, creative, or even a playful way.

Even those pursuing the most traditional of sex and relationship expressions can be strongly impacted by negative messages about their sexual and romantic urges.

Many of us – even the most traditional among us – have been exposed to many messages (from our parents, our peers, religious background and the popular media) that our bodies, our longings and our sexual and romantic expression is unacceptable or not good enough.

These messages and our social conditioning can create barriers to relationship success and erotic fulfillment for anyone.  They can also cause a sense of disconnection from your partner(s), loneliness and sexual problems.

whoever-you-love-welcomeWhile this can be quite challenging for anyone, some people are more heavily impacted by the negative attitudes, stigma, shaming and discomfort that exists in society, including those who identify with one or more of the following

  • Exploring non-mainstream relationship models including ethical non-monogamy, conscious open relationships, polyamory, and chosen families.
  • Seeking spiritual approaches to sex and relationships, including sacred sexuality and Tantra
  • Pursuing creative or adventurous sexual expression including Tantra, expressive erotic arts, BDSM, kink, leather and fetish interests.
  • Identifying as part of a minority sexual orientation, including bisexual men and women, gay men, lesbian women, and those identify as queer or otherwise.
  • Being transgender or gender variant
  • Embracing non-mainstream spiritual or religious beliefs
  • Living with a physical or emotional disability
  • Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

If your life experience is outside the dominant culture’s preferred structures, there are fewer resources to support you.

You may face additional challenges and obstacles to the erotic fulfillment and emotionally satisfying relationships you want and deserve.

The journey to intimacy, erotic fulfillment and satisfying relationships can be challenging for everyone.

The good news is that deep pleasure and nourishing connection is not only possible for you, you deserve it. If this sounds like something you want more of, then join our email list so you can take advantage of our sex and intimacy resources

MarkDavian150Hi, I’m Mark Davian and for more than a decade, I’ve been guiding people who want to experience profound intimacy and erotic fulfillment.

I specialize in working with people who don’t fit the conventional stereotypes as well as those curious souls who want to explore what’s possible and who want to experience a new depth of pleasure and connection in their life.

Whoever you love and however you love them, you’re welcome here. It would be great to have you as part of our community.

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